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Shrinking woman
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Shrinking Woman (generally abbreviated as SW) is a subset of the broader Shrinking fetish, its name derived from the preference of women being shrunk down to below-average size. In general, women are shrunk down as a result of a spell, potion, curse, ray gun, or even simply fear or intimidation. They are also shrunk in proportion, thus maintaining their appearance while still removing the woman's sense of power.


For many, the woman's thoughts and feelings throughout the entire shrinking process (often up until her size is restored) is very important to the excitement for the viewer. If a woman is constantly scared or annoyed at her situation, she may be a turn-off to some because she lacks any enjoyment out of the experience. Many, however, do enjoy the woman being initially frightened (a understandable reaction) and then accepting of her size, persevering through difficult situations.

Some may consider, however, the 'enjoyment' based reactions to be more likable. Most media will focus on the woman's sense of wonder at her new size, often enjoying the fact that few can see her. Often this can turn into a straight sexual turn-on, with a more rare option being she has a SW fetish even before the shrinking begins.


Process refers most often to the amount of time it takes a woman to shrink to her final size, or at least her initial stopping point. There is a very large group that focuses on an instant shrink, where the woman may black out or simply be unable to fully process what is occurring before she is suddenly much smaller than before. The other prefer a longer, drawn-out shrink. In many cases the woman will shrink in fractions of her full height, or most often in a set amount of inches per hour or day. Many who enjoy a 'slow shrink' are drawn to the woman's slow loss of control over their lives- at first it is a minor inconvenience, then her dwindling stature may isolate her in her home or workplace, until she is too small to operate even the most simple of household items and must get help, or be subject to a normal-sized person's will.

The term 'Process' is often used in conjunction with the woman's clothing. Most often she is slowly reduced in size, and must fight an ongoing battle to maintain some semblance of normalcy (as most tend to initially hide their shrinking in public) and also her respect. The slow loss of clothing could be considered a type of clothing fetish, mostly related to baggy, oversized clothes. However, in instant shrink situations it is often the sudden nudity that will embarrass the woman as she realizes her size.

Final Height

A woman's final height can be the breaking point for some admirers. Often this only becomes an issue in stories, but is easily a deal breaker for image sequences or comics. Heights most often range from 3 feet to microscopic size, with most common size of around 12 inches, the average doll size.

Height will determine a lot for the woman, from being able to continue her normal life in any fashion to even being able to survive at all. Microscopic sizes can easily be seen as a sort of 'revenge' on an antagonist for shrinking a protagonist, a common thread through all types of shrinking media. At times a woman can simply lose under a foot as if to be punished without any real cruelty, often her lack of an intimidating size being enough of a lesson. Doll size if often used for a directly sexual desire, most commonly the 'shrinker' being aroused at the idea of a woman all to his/her own, completely dependent on them, yet still a manageable size for most sexual desires.

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