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Historines Prussia.png
Prussia, the first of the Historines. Drawn by woot.
Created bySvip

The Historines is a series of super busty giantesses, whom are personifications of current and former nations/countries. The main focus of series is historical events and are always accompanied with a story about the event.



Svip maintain, write and draw a webcomic called Flagland, which uses crudely drawn characters that each represents a country/nation as represented by the flag on their torso. When fans of the comic suggested female characters, Svip responded that he could not draw females, but developed the idea of female characters, whom would have far more detailed attire than the regularly characters.

When woot opened for commissions in October 2010, Svip decided to use woot's talents to allow for the creations of the series. Although woot would first be able to actually create the first commission in March 2011. However, an agreement between Svip and woot had lead to an exceeding number of commissions for the series.

In May 2011, Svip also began to commission other artists, such as zdemian, Balsamique, Hexamous, Jacques00, Berggie and Shadow Pencil.


The illustration of the Seven Years' War as drawn by Balsamique.

Each Historine illustration illustrates a historical event or a country, usually a former one. An illustration can contain several Historines at once, usually in cases where two or more countries interacted (usually in cases of war). The pose is intended to reflect the nature of the event. Each Historine is designed by Svip.

The story attached to each piece is as accurate as possible, although to be 'easily' consumable, they are relatively short and to the point. But to stick with the Historine theme, they often tries to avoid the mention of specific leaders, to give the illusion of the country that the Historine represents acts as a hive mind.

As a species

A Historine is naturally super busty. A Historine's spine and mind attempts to compensate for the unbalanced weight of her breasts in front, but placing her centre of gravity further back, but unfortunately places it too far back. A Historine has to wear high heels to compensate for the shifted centre of gravity. In addition, a Historine has the ability to grow her chest at will, she is always able to carry her chest regardless of size.

The Historines

While most Historines represent a country, some many represent a movement, clan or other non-country political entity. When a Historine defeats another one, the defeated Historine has to emerge into the victor's cleavage where she will remain until she rebels.

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